Frequently asked questions


My child is an average student. Can he/she benefit from the services provided by Strategic Vectors?

Strategic Vectors counsels students of all academic abilities. We believe that any student's GPA can be positively impacted through deliberate course selection, regardless of its current value. Additionally, the counsel we provide for standardized test preparation and effective high school resume building is invaluable to any student who plans to apply to a four year 

co​llege or university, regardless of the student's academic ability.

Don't teachers make course recommendations?

Teachers make recommendations for a single course in their own subject and do not take into consideration the full course load of your student. Teachers don't typically weigh the GPA impact or how the course may weaken your student's final transcript. 

Do school guidance counselors provide academic planning?

Guidance counselors provide broad based information to meet the needs of all students they counsel, rather than individualized strategies that might advantageously position one student over another. Frequently, guidance counselors are assigned large numbers of students, which hinders them from giving personalized attention to students. In the private school sector the ratios are much improved, yet in many cases, students are not sufficiently counseled for college application until midway through the junior year.

Why does my middle school student need Academic Planning?

Many middle school students are impacting their GPA and building a transcript by taking high school level courses. Since this transcript is a key component of the college application, decisions regarding taking high school level courses, and whether or not to repeat these courses, are critical. Without Academic Planning in middle school, parents make irreversible decisions that may lower their child's GPA/class rank, as well as negatively position their child for college admissions testing.

My student isn't motivated and isn't thinking about college. Can you help?

By the time they are finishing middle school, students tend to "tune out" the advice of their parents. Our counsel offers a new voice and an outside perspective. We show our students their updated GPA each time we meet. Students are increasingly motivated when they see their GPAs and class rank improve as a result of our counsel and their effort.