Begin Academic Planning in middle school or early in high school to have the most impact

For maximum benefit, parents should begin academic planning  as soon as the student begins taking high school level courses which, for many students in both the private and public systems,  is during middle school.  As the student advances to high school, Math, English and Foreign Language course choices may be limited due to decisions made while the student was still in middle school. These decisions regarding course selection have a profound and sometimes irrevocable impact on the students final GPA and class rank.​

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Strategic Vectors also serves students who are in the "11th hour" of  preparing for college

Recognizing that many families don’t start thinking about college admissions in an actionable way until the beginning of the student’s junior year, Strategic Vectors offers Junior/Senior year services to serve those who are in the “11th hour”, so to speak. 

The last two years of high school are the most important in terms of developing a college list, scheduling and optimizing college visits, prepping for and taking college admissions tests, and developing a resume. Additionally, although missed opportunities in the middle school and early high school years put a student on a trajectory that is difficult to alter, strategic course selection in the junior and senior years can still accomplish goals such as: meeting college admissions criteria at specific universities, demonstrating rigor, as well as, preparing the student for college level courses and specific courses that the student will likely take in college based on choice of major and/or career objectives. 

Outlined below, Strategic Vectors’ services during this period can have a measurable impact in terms of the efficient use of the student’s valuable time, maximizing opportunities that remain, and reducing anxiety that can come without early planning and preparation.​

Our Junior and Senior Year Services include:


  • College list review and recommendations
  • College visit planning and optimization
  • College admissions test preparation options
  • College admissions standardized testing schedule
  • College admissions subject test schedule
  • Course selection for senior year
  • College admissions course requirements review
  • High school resume development
  • Junior year awards opportunities
  • College application strategies and timeline
  • ​College application and application supplement review
  • College admissions test reporting
  • Senior year awards opportunities

Strategic Vectors accepts junior or senior year clients on a case by case basis, depending on the individual circumstances and objectives. Please contact us for a personalized quote for Junior/Senior year services.